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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mack City Limits (Fat Mack 3XL) - Dark Sun

This a metaphysical, philosophical show for the freethinkers in the crew. I tackle the questions: Why are there so few black Atheist in the Black community? What if the Xtian is wrong about his God choice and he goes to Hindu/Muslim Hell? What if GOD wrote the Bible to weed out suck asses, boot lickers and spineless cowards from real OG's like me? We speak on Obama's obvious philosophical slant of being a Marxist Humanist, and the plan to depopulate the planet by 95%.



  1. Hmmm... U have never replied me... I really like u...

  2. Hmmm... U have never replied me... I really like u...

  3. I like the way u express urself... I like the way u treated those girls... It was full of respect... I know that u r well educated... A reply from u will definitely make my day... I wanna buy ur videos but... My country forbids porn materials... I can't even put my credit card into ur website... I wanna c u...

  4. Talking about Mr Obama, Owh he came to my country d other day.. u know the country that is still looking for that missing plane mh370... Ya, m from that country... I was expecting Mr Obama to be really str8 forward to my corrupted PM... But then, he was being kinda lenient...


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