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Saturday, August 24, 2013

@JumpOffPodcast - Quickies ( @TheJumpOff_JD & @DaveJumpOff )

JD and That Dude present the latest and greatest episode of #QUICKIES. This weeks show, the fellas discuss: A bicycle seat for women that vibrates A beauty queen in Utah who was making bombs A urinal that analyzes alcohol levels A man attempts to sell a child on Craigslist Hit play or download this entertaining episode now!!! Jonesing for more from your favorite podcast: Search for our fan page on Facebook, follow each of us on Twitter: @JumpOffPodcast, @TheJumpOff_JD, @DaveJumpOff, email us at, listen to the #QUICKIES podcast on iTunes and (all of our shows are on iTunes and Stitcher as well)and on your Android mobile device via the Stitcher Radio app. You can always hit us up and listen/watch archives of EVERYTHING at our official site: THE JUMP OFF...IT ALL STARTS HERE!!!


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