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Monday, February 25, 2013

Jim O'Rear and Larry Mainland at Kalidescope Con 2013

 Yung V was in attendance at the 2nd Annual Kalediscope Con yesterday, it took place at the Green Acres Flea Market in Maryville, Tennessee and it was something magical and something unusual.  In attendance were two graphic artists, two of the actors who portray zombies on AMC's wildly popular The Walking Dead television series, a man who has beaten out Bruce Campbell more than once for an underground actors award and a psychic.
  Of this cast of characters I used my time to pick at the brains of two of these individuals on and off for the better part of six hours.  And let me tell you, what I learned from them and the light in their eyes when they talked about their passion was something hard to find in top notch A+ film actors these days.  The ambiance of the room used was very fitting for this event.  A dark back room, ages older than anyone in attendance, cold from a glass set of double doors that never seemed to close all the way.  The lighting was good, but edgy  and gave the room a drab look.
  Jim O'Rear has been an actor, author, stunt double and director for many years, if you don't believe me, just google his name or click the links below.  I don't know what shocked me more, the way he was so animated and excited talking about his passions after so many years or his willingness to listen to others ideas and motivations in life and art in general.  This man is truly a fan's artist if nothing more, but certainly nothing less, the way he speaks to you, you feel as if you have known him before but forgot your previous meeting.

  And the ideas and visuals inside his mind are simply amazing.  Jim certainly has a fan base, but what is more, Jim has the heart to share his visions because he is so in love with the ideas behind them.  To be honest, he reminds me of a young Clive Barker and hopefully he will be heralded as one as well.

  Now onto the gore, the brains, the zombie originally known as Larry Mainland.  I don't really know how to describe Larry other than to say he is a beautiful man in spirit and in embracing those around him.  Larry has faced many struggles that I hope to bring to the little screen at the very least, very soon.  This man has fought against odds of illness and family struggles and won, survived and surpassed into something he loves to do.  And for good reason, he is very good at it.  I watched him switch to a zombie shuffle and was amazed at the immediate change of walk and angle, as if an on/off switch had been pressed.

  Larry was the first image to be seen of the vision that has become AMC's The Walking Dead and his fan base continues to grow off of that one image and the fact that he is such a character in person.  I was truly amazed at the humor and humbleness to be found in Larry.  We hope to be bringing you his documentary very soon, How A Man Became A Monster.

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