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Monday, December 24, 2012

@jumpoffpodcast - #QUICKIES

Here is the latest and greatest episode of #QUICKIES, presented by #TEAMJUMPOFF!!! This weeks episode features the usual squad of JD, That Dude, and Blaksmith. The trio is joined by a SPECIAL GUEST JUMPER, DJ Que Eleven who's #ALIEN EP drops on December 12, 2012!!! Que chimes in with hilarious comments on all the Fucked Up News that the team brings. The crazy stories include: Teens who got caught stealing candy and condoms Flamin Hot Cheetos have been banned from several schools across the country Spotify and speakers can be added to you're coffin for about $30k Manny's mom blames religion change for her son loosing against Marquez A man who glued his ex-girlfriend's fridge closed The last Twinkie shipment was delivered to Chicago this week Give this show a listen or a download right now and special shout out to @DJQueEleven for dropping by and guest jumping!!! Want more from #TEAMJUMPOFF: Search for our fan page on Facebook, follow each of us on Twitter: @JumpOffPodcast, @TheJumpOff_JD, @DaveJumpOff, email us at, listen to the #QUICKIES podcast on iTunes and (all of our shows are on iTunes and Stitcher as well)and and on your Android mobile device via the Stitcher Radio app. Don't forget to check out blogs from R. Pettiford (Reality Heights), ONE Voice (Living Inside The Outside Of The Ring) Consuelo Martinez (Politics and Activism) and James Perrigo (Life As I See It). You can always hit us up and listen/watch archives of EVERYTHING at our official site: THE JUMP OFF...IT ALL STARTS HERE!!!


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